e_Procurement Guidelines:

e-Procurement is an internet based value added application of  e-commerce  to facilitate, integrate, and streamline the entire procurement process, from buyer to supplier and back.There is no substitute of Digital Certificate/ Signature in e-commerce. This is approved by IT Act and has legal sanctity.

Why e-Procurement

IFFCO e-Procurement System:

Please note only a digitally signed document sent on internet will be considered as valid signed document on Internet under law(I.T Act 2000). As per the Interoperability Guidelines by Controller of Certifying Authorities(CCA) for issuing Digital Signature Certificates under IT Act, that The certificates issued after 04-April-2011, two seperate certificates will be issued for Signing and Encryption/Decryption purpose. Hence it is requested to all the eligible vendors to get it confirmed whether they have these two certificates available with them before submitting their quotations. For further information about digital Certificate you may visit  Controller of Certifying Authorities of India